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What is the function of teeth in the mouth?

To cut, tear, and grind ingested food

Where are the lips located in relation to the oral cavity?

At the front forming the opening of the mouth

What material encloses the pulp cavity of teeth?


How are milk teeth and permanent teeth different?

Milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth

What is the name given to the last set of molars that appear later in life?

Wisdom teeth

Where is the tongue located in relation to the oral cavity?

Attached to the floor of the mouth

Where are taste buds located?

On the surface of the tongue

What is the primary component of saliva?


Which of the following is NOT a function of saliva?

Regulates body temperature

What is the primary role of the pharynx?

Common passage for food and air

Which part of the pharynx lies behind the mouth?


What is the function of the tonsils in the pharynx?

Immune defense

Test your knowledge on the anatomy of the oral cavity, from the lips to the oropharynx, including details about cheeks, jaws, lips, tongue, palate, and teeth. Explore the structure and function of these organs in the front part of the digestive tract.

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