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Ornithology Exam 1 Quizzes 3 and 4

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In order to maximize the distance traveled per unit of energy used, how fast should a bird fly?


What muscle is responsible for lifting the bird's wing on the recovery stroke?


What gait of intermittent flight reduces energetic cost associated with a bird traveling at fast airspeeds?

Flap bounding

A bird with low aspect ratio wings and low wing loading is likely specialized for...

Thermal Soaring

What are the forces a bird must overcome in order to fly? Choose all that apply

Induced drag, gravity, profile drag

True or False: The air sac's in a bird's respiratory system are where gas exchange occurs.


Which of the following are true statements about endothermy?

Endothermic animals can maintain high activity levels in a greater range of environmental conditions than ectotherms

Endothermic animals can maintain bouts of high intensity activity for longer periods of time than ectotherms

Why does a bird's metabolic rate increase at ambient temperatures below the lower critical threshold and above the upper critical threshold?

Those temperatures induce shivering and evaporative cooling respectfully, which have high energetic costs

What makes the bird respiratory system so much more efficient than the mammalian respiratory system

Because the one-way flow of air through the lungs allows birds to replace nearly all the air in their lungs with each breath

Why isn't torpor a practical strategy for large birds?

It would take large birds very long times to warm up enough to wake from the torpor state

Quizzes 3 and 4 leading up to exam 1. MIZ 2024

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