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What is the main purpose of an operating system?

To act as an intermediary between the user and computer hardware

Which of the following is a component of the computer system?

Application software

What is the kernel in an operating system?

A software containing all elements of the operating system

Which of the following is an example of an operating system?


What kind of software is System Software?

Software closer to hardware, written in low-end languages

Which of the following is NOT an objective of the Operating System?

User interference

What area of the computer architecture includes the RAM, I/O, and CPU?

Back area

What is the function of the operating system in memory management?

Keeps track of main memory allocation

What does the operating system do in the context of processor management?

Allocates and deallocates CPU to processes

What type of system call involves system programs?

System Calls/Monitor Call

Which activity does the operating system NOT handle?

Physical assembly of computer components

What is the main function of an I/O controller in device management?

Keeping track of all devices

Test your knowledge on the introduction and objectives of operating systems with a focus on the definition, objectives, computer system components, functions, kernel, and examples of operating systems. Explore key concepts from Block 1 notes.

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