Ontario Autism Program Frustration

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What federal legislation replaced the Hospital Insurance and Diagnostic Services Act, 1957?

The Canada Health Act

When was the article 'Some parents are leaving Ontario because of frustration with its autism program' published?

February 22, 2023

Where can the provisions of the Canada Health Act be found?

What is the reason for some parents leaving Ontario?

Frustration with its autism program

What is the stated purpose of Bill 60, also known as Your Health Act 2023?

To make some services more accessible and shorten wait times

What was the healthcare system like in Ontario at a certain time?

There was a two-tiered system with faster, better care for those who could afford to pay

What is the responsibility of the institution mentioned in the text?

To ensure coordination and continuity between different parts of the system

What does the institution have legislative responsibility for?

Legislation around self-regulation of healthcare professions and institutional regulation of hospitals

What is the purpose of the Canada Health Act?

To provide criteria for federal funding of provincial insurance plans

How has the use of the Charter affected healthcare services?

It has expanded health services available through successful court cases

Which legislation provides a commitment to the future of Medicare?

Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act, 2004, S.O. 2004, c. 5

What effect did the Canada Health Act have on provincial/territorial insurance plans?

It led to differences in the plans instituted across the country

Explore the challenges faced by parents in Ontario with the autism program, as highlighted in a Canadian Press article. Gain insights into the issues surrounding the Ontario autism program and its impact on families.

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