The move to Yavneh – Saving Judaism

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Who were the group of Jews that refused to accept Roman rule and wanted all-out war?

What did the zealots do to force their fellow Jews to fight?

Who was the greatest Jewish sage of the time who foresaw the doom of Jerusalem and proposed transplanting the centre of Torah scholarship to another location?

How did Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai escape Jerusalem to meet with the Roman commander?

What did the Sages propose to do about the Roman enemies?

What did the zealots want to happen to the city's population?

What did Vespasian promise Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai?

How did Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai ensure the survival of the Jewish people?

What principle did Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai rely on when keeping Rabbi Tzadok alive?

What did Vespasian think he was giving Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai?

How did Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai greet Vespasian?

What did the victory of Rome being cancelled out ensure?

What did the survival of the religious leadership and frameworks allow the Jewish people to do?

What did Vespasian admire about Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai?

What risk did Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai face when meeting Vespasian?

What happened at the moment a messenger from Rome arrived to tell Vespasian about the Emperor Nero?


Learn about the conflict between the Roman Empire and the Jewish groups in Israel, particularly the zealots, during the Roman conquest of Judea. Understand the internal strife among the Jews and the emergence of the zealots as an extreme group opposing Roman rule.

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