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According to Ohm's law, the current is proportional to the electric field.

The Drude model treats electrons like pinballs bouncing among the ions that make up the material.

According to the Drude model, the average drift velocity of electrons is proportional to the electric field.

Ohm's law is always obeyed by all materials under any electric field.

Which equation represents Ohm's law?

What does Ohm's law state about the resistance in the relation?

What are materials that do not obey Ohm's law called?

Who conducted experiments with Leyden jars and glass tubes filled with salt solution to measure the current in 1781?

Who delineated 'intensity' (voltage) and 'quantity' (current) for the dry pile in 1814?

Who published the book 'Die galvanische Kette, mathematisch bearbeitet' in 1827?

Who proposed the first (classical) model of electrical conduction, the Drude model, in 1900?


Test your knowledge of Ohm's law and its mathematical equations with this quiz. Explore the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance and see how well you understand this fundamental concept in electrical engineering.

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