Official Basketball Rules 2022: Page 9

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Under what circumstances is a player legally responsible for any contact with the player who has set the screen?

What should the screener do if setting a screen within the field of vision of a stationary opponent?

What must the screener permit the opponent to do when setting a screen outside the field of vision of a stationary opponent?

How far are the throw-in lines from the inner edge of the nearest endline?

What constitutes a blocking foul when attempting to screen?

What is the radius of the no-charge semi-circle line measured from the point beneath the exact centre of the basket?

What are the dimensions of the parallel lines that are perpendicular to the endline in the no-charge semi-circle areas?

Where must the scorer's table and its chairs be placed?

When can a valid goal be made by tapping or dunking the ball?

When does a throw-in end?

At what distance must a referee be from the player taking the throw-in?

Where does the player take the throw-in from?


Test your knowledge of the official basketball rules for 2022 with this quiz focused on the details from page 9 of the rulebook. Check your understanding of throw-in lines, no-charge semi-circle areas, and other key regulations.

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