Office Anoscopy and Diagnostic Evaluation in Inflammatory Disorders Quiz

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What is indicated for any patient who reports chronic diarrhea?

All of the above

What does CBC stand for in the context of diagnosing chronic diarrhea?

Complete blood count

Why is obtaining a complete medication history important in the diagnosis of chronic diarrhea?

To identify medications commonly associated with diarrhea

What is one of the listed clues to specific diagnoses in patients with chronic diarrhea?

Medication history

Which diagnostic test should be considered if there is no improvement with standard treatments for chronic diarrhea?

Colonoscopy with biopsies

What is beyond the scope of the article regarding chronic diarrhea?

Diagnoses affecting immunocompromised patients

What is the recommended imaging modality for patients with inflammatory diarrhea and suspected structural disease?

MRI with enterography

What diagnostic procedure is advised for patients with alarm features or in case the initial workup for IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (WATERY – functional) fails to yield a diagnosis?


What should be done when colonoscopy is performed to evaluate chronic diarrhea?

Take multiple mucosal biopsies

What is the prevalence range of IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) worldwide according to current studies?

9% to 23%

Which test is NOT typically recommended when a patient with IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) does not have any alarm features and expert guidelines are followed?

Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Which diagnostic tests may be helpful to categorize diarrhea as watery, fatty, or inflammatory?

Fecal calprotectin, fecal fat, fecal occult blood tests

What is the prevalence of chronic diarrhea in the adult population?

1% to 5%

Which of the following is NOT a common cause of chronic diarrhea?

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

What is the main defining characteristic of chronic diarrhea?

Decreased stool consistency lasting longer than four weeks

Which organization published guidelines for the evaluation of chronic diarrhea?

British Society of Gastroenterology

What warrants further evaluation and can be caused by disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer?

Inflammatory diarrhea

What is a common cause of inflammatory diarrhea?

Clostridioides difficile

Which test is mentioned as more sensitive than stool examination for detecting infection?

Antigen test

What is the primary mode of transmission for Entamoeba histolytica infection as mentioned in the text?

Fecal-oral route

Which database was NOT mentioned in the searches conducted for the information provided?


What type of infection does Entamoeba histolytica cause, as described in the text?

Invasive protozoal infection

Which publication did NOT provide opinions or assertions about the chronic diarrhea topic discussed?

Current Gastroenterol Rep

What initial laboratory tests should be included in the workup for suspected inflammatory disorders?

Complete blood count, C-reactive protein level, anti-tissue transglutaminase IgA level, basic metabolic panel

Which laboratory marker is associated with fatty diarrhea?

Elevated fecal fat levels

What are alarm features that warrant further investigation in chronic diarrhea?

Anemia, unintentional weight loss, persistent blood in stool

How can inflammatory diarrhea be differentiated from other types of diarrhea?

Presence of fecal leukocytes and lactoferrin

Based on Rome IV diagnostic criteria, what is the predominant symptom differentiating IBS from functional diarrhea?


If a patient meets Rome IV diagnostic criteria for IBS and has no alarm features present, what is the next step in diagnosis?

Diagnose the patient with IBS

Test your knowledge on the use of office anoscopy in suspected inflammatory disorders and the diagnostic approach for chronic diarrhea. Topics include laboratory workup, diagnostic criteria, and evaluation of pain symptoms.

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