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What is the focus of the TV show Oddities?

Who are the co-owners of Obscura Antiques & Oddities featured on the show?

What types of artifacts do the employees of Obscura Antiques & Oddities search for?

Which of the following celebrities has NOT appeared on the show Oddities?

What is the name of the antiques store featured on the spinoff show Oddities: San Francisco?

Which of the following is NOT a featured artifact on the show Oddities?

When did the spinoff show Oddities: San Francisco debut?

What is the name of the spinoff show that features notable regulars from Oddities?

Which network airs the TV show Oddities?


Test your knowledge of the popular American reality TV series "Oddities". This quiz will challenge you on the unique antiques and rarities featured on the show, as well as the eccentric personalities of the shop's employees. Prove your expertise in all things odd by taking this quiz today!

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