Nye (1976) Family Roles Typology Quiz

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Which family role involves managing household chores, maintaining cleanliness, and organizing living spaces?

The Housekeeper

Which family role focuses on maintaining connections with extended family members?

The Kinship Role

What role involves providing emotional support, empathy, and counselling to family members experiencing stress, conflict, or emotional challenges?

Therapeutic role

Which family role is responsible for securing financial resources to meet economic needs?

The Provider Role

Which level of couple sexual scripts defines what is appropriate to do sexually?

What of sex

Which family role is primarily responsible for nurturing and supervising children?

The Child-Care Role

In the context of a romantic relationship or marriage, what does the Sexual Role primarily involve?

Providing emotional intimacy and physical intimacy

Which family role serves as a link between the nuclear family and the broader familial network?

The Kinship Role

According to Meyerowitz and Feldman (1966), what was found to be a major cause of complaints between spouses?

Sexual relationship

What does the Child-Socialization Role involve preparing children for?

Integration into society and adulthood

Test your knowledge on the typology of eight family roles developed by Nye in 1976. Explore the functions and responsibilities individuals typically fulfill within a family unit, including roles like the Housekeeper and the Kinship Role.

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