Nyctibatrachus major: Amphibian Species Quiz

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What is the common name for Nyctibatrachus major?

Malabar night frog

Who described Nyctibatrachus major in 1882?

George Albert Boulenger

What is the snout-vent length range for male Nyctibatrachus major?

31.5–52.0 mm

Where is Nyctibatrachus major endemic to?

Western Ghats mountain range of India

What is the diet of Nyctibatrachus major mainly composed of?

Other frogs and insect larvae

At what elevations are adults of Nyctibatrachus major found?

Up to 900 m (3,000 ft)

Test your knowledge about the amphibian species Nyctibatrachus major, also known as the Malabar night frog or Boulenger's narrow-eyed frog. Learn about its characteristics, taxonomy, and habitat.

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