Nursing Diagnosis and Physical Assessment in Health Care

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What is the 2nd source of information that constitutes the objective data in nursing?

Body measurements (blood pressure, temperature)

Which type of nursing diagnosis is typically problem-oriented and describes validated human responses?

Actual nursing diagnosis

In the nursing diagnosis process, what is the 2nd phase according to NANDA?

Interpreting information

What do wellness nursing diagnoses represent in patient care?

Striving for a higher level of health and wellness

Which phase of the nursing process involves the statement of expected changes in patient behavior over time?

Outcomes Identification

What is the primary focus of risk nursing diagnoses?

Development of potential health problems in vulnerable individuals

What is the primary purpose of physical assessment in nursing?

To obtain baseline data

What does a nurse use physical assessment data for?

To establish nursing diagnoses

Which statement best describes the purpose of collecting objective data in nursing?

To obtain data for planning care

In nursing, what does the term 'outcomes identification' refer to?

Evaluating the physiological outcomes of health care

Which of the following is NOT a purpose of physical assessment in nursing?

To assess stress levels and coping styles

Why does a nurse obtain baseline data during physical assessment?

To supplement data obtained in the nursing history

What is the purpose of conducting a complete health assessment?

To obtain baseline data.

Which type of physical assessment is conducted from head-to-toe?

Complete assessment

What is the final step of the nursing process as mentioned in the text?


How does physical assessment help in establishing nursing diagnoses and care plans?

By supplementing data obtained in nursing history.

What is the primary purpose of outcomes identification in nursing?

To assess patient response to care.

In terms of types of nursing diagnoses, what is a 'wellness nursing diagnosis' mainly concerned with?

Identifying a client's health promotion needs.

Learn about the second source of objective data in health care, which includes physical characteristics, body functions, and measurements. Explore the second phase of the nursing process according to NANDA, involving clinical judgment on individual, family, or community health responses.

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