Nursing as a Profession: Qualities of a Good Nurse

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What quality is highlighted as crucial for nurses to deal with a wide range of emotions from patients?

Emotionally stable

Why is being adaptable important for nurses in their daily work?

To respond to unpredictable situations

What characteristic is essential for nurses in managing their workload according to the text?

Physical endurance

Which trait is important for a nurse to demonstrate true care for patients and their families?

Emphatic attitude

What skill is crucial for a nurse to handle the various responsibilities, such as patient charts and medication timings?

Detail orientation

Which quality is highlighted in the text as fundamental for nurses to understand patients' feelings and needs?

Caring nature

Where did Florence Nightingale receive her initial education in nursing?

Deaconess Institute of Kaiserwerth, Germany

Which organization did Mary Snively assume directorship of in 1884?

Canadian Nurses Association

In which year was the first board examination for nurses conducted?


Who founded the Sisters of Charity in 1633?

Louise de Marillac

Which event marked the establishment of the first educational program affiliated with a religious nursing order?

Sisters of Charity founded in 1633

In what year did the UP College of Nursing begin?


What is a common responsibility of a nurse working in Industrial or Occupational Health Nursing?

Providing and delivering health care services to workers

What is a key responsibility of a nurse working in Private Duty or Special Duty Nursing?

Administering medications and treatments as per physician's instructions

Which type of nurse is involved in designing academic programs for nursing students?

Nurse specializing in Nursing Education

What is a significant task of a nurse in the field of Nursing Education?

Assisting nursing students with educational needs

What differentiates a nurse in Industrial or Occupational Health Nursing from a nurse in Private Duty or Special Duty Nursing?

One focuses on worker health while the other administers medications

What is a key role of a nurse in the field of Private Duty or Special Duty Nursing?

Applying independent emergency measures to patients

What was the purpose of Hospital de Indios established by the Franciscan order in 1586?

Provided care to charitable persons

Who founded Hospital de Aguas in 1590?

The brotherhood of Misericordia

Who established a field hospital in an estate in Tejeros during the Philippine Revolution?

Josephine Bracken

Who was the president of the Filipino Red Cross branch in Tagaytay?

Doña Maria Agoncillo de Aguinaldo

When was the School of Nursing established by the Archbishop of Manila, Jeremiah Harty?


What was the purpose of St. Luke’s Hospital established after St. Paul Hospital?

A school of nursing

What is a crucial aspect of a nurse's professional responsibility?

Conducting ongoing research to contribute to nursing practice

What is a key skill required for effective communication by nurses?

Clearly communicating with other healthcare professionals

What is a critical trait for a nurse to possess in emergency situations?

Good judgment and quick thinking

What is a characteristic of a profession, as described in the criteria?

Autonomy in defining the scope of practice

What is a key aspect of a nurse's role in the healthcare team?

Functioning as an active member of the healthcare team

What is a requirement for becoming a Registered Nurse (RN)?

Passing a state licensing exam

Study Notes

Early Philippine Hospitals

  • Hospital de Indios was established by the Franciscan order in 1586 for patients with leprosy.
  • Hospital de Aguas was established in 1590 in Laguna and founded by the brotherhood of Misericordia in 1596, providing general health services for the public.

Prominent Women in Philippine Nursing

  • Josephine Bracken, wife of Jose Rizal, established a field hospital in Tejeros, providing nursing care to wounded soldiers.
  • Rose Sevilla de Alvaro converted her house into a quarter for Filipino soldiers during the Phil-American War in 1899.
  • Hilaria de Aguinaldo, wife of Emilio Aguinaldo, organized the Filipino Red Cross.
  • Doña Maria Agoncillo de Aguinaldo, second wife of Emilio Aguinaldo, provided care to Filipino soldiers during the revolution and was the president of the Filipino Red Cross branch in Tagaytay.
  • Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora) nursed wounded Filipino soldiers, gave them shelter and food.
  • Agueda Kahabagan, a revolutionary leader in Laguna, also provided nursing services to her troops.
  • Trinidad Tecson (Ina ng Biak na Bato) stayed in the hospital at Biak na Bato to care for the wounded soldiers.

Development of Nursing in the Philippines

  • In 1907, the Americans trained the first Filipino nurses, and St. Luke's Hospital was established, followed by St. Paul Hospital School of Nursing.
  • The School of Nursing was established in 1907 by the Archbishop of Manila, Jeremiah Harty.

Qualities of a Good Nurse

  • Caring nature: showing empathy and compassion towards patients and their families.
  • Emphatic attitude: putting oneself in patients' shoes to provide quality care.
  • Detail-oriented: remembering to make entries on patients' charts and to bring medications at the correct times.
  • Emotionally stable: dealing with a wide range of emotions and situations.
  • Adaptable: being flexible and able to adjust to unpredictable situations.
  • Hardworking: having a strong work ethic and being able to handle a heavy workload.
  • Quick thinker: making decisions quickly in emergency situations.
  • Physical endurance: having the physical strength and stamina to perform tasks.
  • Good judgment: accurately assessing patients' needs, especially during emergencies.
  • Good communication skills: communicating effectively with patients, families, and healthcare professionals.

History of Nursing

  • 300 AD: Entry of women into nursing.
  • 1633: Sisters of Charity founded by Louise de Marillac, establishing the first educational program for nursing.
  • 1809: Mother Elizabeth Seton introduced the Sisters of Charity into America.
  • 1836: Deaconess Institute of Kaiserwerth, Germany, was established, where Florence Nightingale received her initial education in nursing.
  • 1860: Establishment of Nightingale training School for Nurses at St. Thomas Hospital in London, England, the first organized program for training nurses.
  • 1884: Mary Snively assumed directorship of Toronto General Hospital and began to form the Canadian National Association of Trained Nurses.
  • 1909: Three female nurses graduated as qualified medical-surgical nurses.
  • 1920: The first board examination for nurses was conducted by the Board of Examiners, with 68 candidates passing.

Types of Nursing

  • Private Duty or Special Duty Nursing: providing independent nursing services to patients in hospitals or homes.
  • Industrial or Occupational Health Nursing: providing healthcare services to workers, promoting health and safety, and developing disease prevention programs.
  • Nursing Education: designing, implementing, evaluating, and revising academic and continuing education programs for nurses.

Professionalism and Professionalization in Nursing

  • Criteria of a Profession:
    • Specialized training/education
    • Body of knowledge
    • Service Orientation
    • Ongoing research contributing to nursing practice
    • Code of ethics
    • Autonomy
    • Professional Organization
  • What is a Registered Nurse (RN)?
    • A professional licensed by the state in which they work.
    • RNs function as active members of the healthcare team.

This quiz covers the essential qualities of a good nurse in the nursing profession, such as caring nature, empathetic attitude, attention to detail, emotional stability, adaptability, hardworking nature, quick thinking ability, physical endurance, good judgment, and effective communication skills.

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