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What is one of the key characteristics of a profession?

Having a clear standard of educational preparation

Which statement accurately describes a profession's responsibility towards its members?

Imposing a lifelong obligation to stay current

What distinguishes a profession from other fields?

Presence of common values and norms among members

Why is it essential for professions to apply their body of knowledge in practical services?

To contribute to human and social welfare

What is the role of a Nurse Practitioner?

Identifying client problems and communicating with the health team

What is the primary responsibility of a Nurse Anesthetist?

Administering anesthetics for surgery

What is the main duty of a Client Advocate?

Protecting client rights and promoting client welfare

What distinguishes a Nurse Specialist from other nursing roles described?

Having advanced expertise in a specialized area

What is the main focus of Industrial or Occupational Health Nursing?

Providing healthcare services to workers

What is one of the activities that nurses are involved in?

Performing diagnostic and assessment procedures

What is the primary role of a Clinical Nurse in a clinic setting?

Performing receptionist duties, billing, and x-rays

Where do nurses typically carry out activities related to caring for the dying?


What defines Independent Nursing Practice?

Providing professional nursing services to clients independently

Which field of nursing involves providing care in hospitals and related health facilities?

Hospital or Institutional Nursing

What is required for Advanced Practice Nursing?

Master's or doctoral degree in nursing

What type of nursing refers to the practice in local, national, and city health departments?

Public Health Nursing

Test your knowledge on nursing activities such as providing care, performing assessments, consulting with other healthcare professionals, teaching clients, and rehabilitating individuals. Explore the responsibilities involved in caring for individuals who are dying and providing comfort and support across all age groups.

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