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What is Boris Franz Becker most known for?

Where did Boris Becker excel in tennis?

What did Boris Becker do in the years following his retirement?

What did Boris Becker's autobiography discuss?

What scandal was Boris Becker involved in?

At what age did Boris Becker win the Wimbledon men's singles championship?

In which type of courts did Boris Becker excel?

Where was Boris Becker born?

Who was Boris Becker's mentor?

In which magazine was Boris Becker listed as the eleventh best male player from 1965 to 2005?


Test your knowledge of notable personalities with the RU Ambassadors December 2023 quiz. From sports legends like Boris Franz Becker and Diego Maradona to iconic figures like John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Agatha Christie, this quiz covers a diverse range of influential individuals. See how many of these personalities you can identify and learn more about their impact on the world.

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