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What region of Europe is mentioned in the text as where the ideas of the Renaissance emerged?

Northern Europe

Which event marked the end of the Hundred Years War between England and France?

The Battle of Castillon

Who sponsored great artists to create their art in Northern Europe during the Northern Renaissance?

Strong Monarchs

Which characteristic was a notable feature of the art during the Northern Renaissance?


What two aspects were developed in the art of the Northern Renaissance according to the text?

Human dignity and social reform

Who is known for using realism in portraits and emigrated from Germany to England?

Jan van Eyck

Which artist revolutionized painting by using oil-based paints for the first time?

Johannes Vermeer

Who is associated with the movement to create more realistic depictions of life and individuals, focusing on everyday peasant life?

Pieter Bruegel

Which artist emphasized religious subjects, classical myths, and realistic landscapes?

Hans Holbein

During which period did Flanders become the artistic center of Northern Europe?

Golden Dutch Age of Renaissance Art

Who was an artist that spoke out against misogyny and was highly educated?

Christine de Pizan

Test your knowledge on the agenda for a Northern Renaissance class, covering topics like the emergence of Renaissance ideas in Northern Europe, vocabulary, and the influence of Italian scholars, painters, and merchants. Includes review questions, learning objectives, and essential questions.

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