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What is required of pharmacists in providing patient counseling?

What right do patients have in choosing a pharmacy?

What must pharmacists do to monitor patient drug therapy?

Where must the pharmacy patient's bill of rights be posted?

What is a warning notice in North Dakota pharmacy laws?

How long can warning notices become part of a file?

What must be included in a pharmacist's policy and procedure manual for CLIA waived laboratory tests?

Who is responsible for ensuring proper CLIA registration in a pharmacy?


North Dakota Pharmacy Laws: Patient Counseling, Warning Notices, and CLIA Waived Laboratory Tests

  • Pharmacists are required to provide patient counseling based on the patient's physical, psychosocial, and intellectual status.
  • Patients have the right to choose a pharmacy that provides confidentiality and dispenses prescriptions.
  • Pharmacists must monitor patient drug therapy for safety and efficacy, and intervene when necessary.
  • The pharmacy patient's bill of rights must be posted in a prominent place.
  • A warning notice can be issued to any permittee, licensee, or registrant who violates the laws and rules.
  • Warning notices can become part of a file and maintained for 60 months, and failure to respond can lead to board review or complaint and hearing.
  • A pharmacist must meet education and training requirements to perform CLIA waived laboratory tests.
  • Pharmacists must develop and maintain a policy and procedure manual that includes quality control, infection control, hazardous waste disposal, recordkeeping, and test result reporting.
  • Pharmacist-in-charge is responsible for ensuring proper CLIA registration, and must notify the board prior to performing any CLIA waived tests.
  • Exempt tests and methods from ND Century Code Chapter 43-48 include cholesterol, urinalysis, fecal occult blood, ovulation and pregnancy tests, streptococcus and influenza tests, thyroid stimulating hormone test, bone mass and density test, and drug screening tests.
  • CLIA waived certificate must be obtained and recertified every two years.
  • Portfolio review is a review by the board of a pharmacist's records of training logs, control testing logs, and records of patient tests performed to ensure quality and competent service.


Test your knowledge on North Dakota Pharmacy Laws related to patient counseling, warning notices, and CLIA waived laboratory tests with this informative quiz. Explore essential regulations that pharmacists must follow, including patient rights, drug therapy monitoring, and pharmacist-in-charge responsibilities. Learn about warning notices, CLIA waived tests, and quality control requirements for laboratory testing. Take this quiz to ensure you are up-to-date with the latest laws and rules governing pharmacy practice in North Dakota.

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