Nonmetal Elements Quiz

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Which of the following is a characteristic of nonmetals?

What tends to be the nature of oxides of nonmetals?

Which elements make up the overwhelming majority of the Earth's crust, atmosphere, oceans, and biosphere?

Which industries benefit from the specific uses of nonmetallic elements?

Which two nonmetallic elements make up about 98% of the observable ordinary matter in the universe by mass?

Which set is denoted as R or R $\mathbb{R}$ in mathematics?

What distinguishes real numbers from imaginary numbers?

What type of numbers include the integer -5 and the fraction 4/3?

What are the real numbers that are not roots of a polynomial with integer coefficients called?

How can real numbers be thought of in terms of a line?


Test your knowledge of nonmetal elements with this quiz! Explore the properties and characteristics of nonmetals and challenge yourself to identify these elements.

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