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What is the arterial blood pressure value that represents the peak achieved during cardiac contraction?

Systolic BP

Which of the following drug classes could contribute to developing elevated blood pressure?

Erythropoiesis-stimulating agents

What is the arterial blood pressure value that represents the minimum achieved after cardiac contraction?

Diastolic BP

Which of the following substances could potentially impact arterial blood pressure?


What is the average pressure throughout the cardiac cycle known as?

Mean Arterial Pressure

Which of the following situations could potentially lead to drug-induced elevation of blood pressure?

Abrupt discontinuation of β-blocker or centrally acting α-agonists

What is the primary physical finding of hypertension?

Elevated blood pressure

Why is hypertension referred to as the silent killer?

It has no symptoms in most patients

How many elevated BP measurements are required for diagnosing hypertension?

The average of two or more measurements taken during two or more clinical encounters

What is recommended for diagnostic confirmation of hypertension before starting antihypertensive therapy?

Ambulatory and self-blood pressure monitoring

Which condition is NOT mentioned as a hypertension-related complication in the text?

Diabetes mellitus (DM)

Why is it important to estimate future risk of cardiovascular disease and clinical ASCVD for patients without certain medical histories?

To guide treatment decisions even without specific medical histories

Which factor determines the choice of initial antihypertensive drug therapy?

Compelling indications

What is recommended for patients with stage 1 hypertension?

First-line antihypertensive drug

When is combination drug therapy recommended?

For patients with more severe BP elevation (stage 2 HTN)

Which class of antihypertensive agents are preferred as first-line agents for most patients?

ACEIs, ARBs, CCBs, or thiazides

When should beta-blocker therapy be reserved according to the text?

To treat compelling indications only

Which drugs are considered alternative drug classes that may be used in select patients after first-line agents?

Other antihypertensive drug classes

Which type of calcium channel blockers (CCBs) do not alter conduction through the AV node and are not effective agents in supraventricular tachyarrhythmias?


Which side effect is unique to verapamil compared to diltiazem?


Which calcium channel blocker (CCB) is associated with negative inotropic effects but to a lesser extent than verapamil?


What is the main reason behind cardiac conduction abnormalities associated with diltiazem and verapamil?

Preexisting cardiac conduction abnormalities

What effect may dihydropyridines cause due to their potent peripheral vasodilating effects?


Which cytochrome P450 isoenzyme system do verapamil and diltiazem inhibit?


Why are immediate-release nifedipine not approved for the treatment of hypertension?

Linked to increased incidence of adverse CV effects

What is the most common gastrointestinal side effect associated with verapamil and diltiazem?


Which side effects occur more frequently with dihydropyridines compared to non-DHP CCBs?

Peripheral edema and dizziness

Which type of CCBs are very effective in older patients with isolated systolic hypertension?

Dihydropyridine CCBs

Why should verapamil and diltiazem be given cautiously with a β-blocker?

Increased risk of heart block

Which type of grapefruit juice ingestion can inhibit the hepatic metabolism of certain CCBs?

$5(7 + 3)$ quantities or more daily

Test your knowledge on the side effects of nondihydropyridine calcium channel blockers such as diltiazem and verapamil. Learn about the risk of cardiac conduction abnormalities, negative inotropic effects leading to heart failure, gastrointestinal issues like constipation, and other common adverse reactions.

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