Non-Protein Nitrogen Compounds in Plasma

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What is the main reason the term Non-Protein Nitrogen was coined in clinical chemistry?

To quantify nitrogen-containing compounds in protein-free filtrates

Which nitrogen-containing compound is an end-product of nucleic acid catabolism?

Uric acid

What is the primary function of the urea cycle in the liver?

To keep ammonia concentrations low by converting it into urea

Which nitrogen-containing compound has the highest concentration in blood?


How are large amounts of ammonia produced for urea synthesis?

Through intermediary metabolism of amino acids

What is the primary reason that Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) compounds were quantified spectrophotometrically in clinical chemistry?

To measure the concentration of nitrogen-containing compounds in a protein-free filtrate

Which of the following statements about urea is correct?

Urea is formed in the liver through the urea cycle

What role does uric acid play in the body?

Uric acid is involved in nucleic acid catabolism

How are large amounts of ammonia converted into urea?

Conversion via a sequence of 5 chemical reactions in the liver

Which nitrogen-containing compound is considered a protein degradation by-product?


Learn about Non-Protein Nitrogen (NPN) compounds found in plasma including Urea, Creatinine, and Uric acid. Understand their origins and significance in clinical chemistry.

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