Noise-Induced Hearing Loss and Occupational Health

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What is the definition of health according to the text?

The state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual wellbeing

What are occupational diseases related to?

Exposure to various factors in the job or work environment

According to the WHO Expert Committee, what are work-related diseases characterized by?

Being multifactorial and potentially work-related

What is the impact of adverse working conditions on work-related diseases as per the text?

They may be partially caused, aggravated, accelerated, or exacerbated by adverse working conditions

What is the importance of a healthy workforce according to the text?

It is vital for sustainable social and economic development

What is an essential characteristic of work/occupation according to the text?

Occupying a considerable part of a person’s waking hours and being stimulating & rewarding

What is the primary focus of primary prevention of occupational diseases?

Reducing the risk of diseases through exposure reduction

What is the term used to refer to hearing impairment resulting from exposure to loud sound?

Noise-induced hearing loss

Which factor is NOT mentioned as a potential cause of noise-induced hearing loss?

Diet and alcohol consumption

What is the main focus of secondary prevention of occupational diseases?

Identifying health problems before they become clinically apparent

What type of noise exposure can lead to sudden hearing deterioration?

Exposure to impulse noise

What percentage of young people are estimated to be exposed to sufficient noise that could lead to hearing impairment?


What is the primary cause of occupational hearing loss?

Exposure to hazardous substances

Which type of prevention involves giving aids like hearing aids to workers suffering from sensory-neural hearing loss?

Tertiary prevention

Learn about the impact of work and occupation on overall health, including the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. Understand the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce for sustainable social and economic development.

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