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In accordance with the Aviation Law, what must an aircraft entering another contracting state's airspace and proposing to land do?

Be registered, airworthy and carry all the relative documents required including the C of A

Does each state have the right to search, without reasonable delay, the aircraft of other contracting states on landing and departure?


What items are temporarily exempt from customs duty when an ICAO aircraft lands in another contracting state?

Fuel, oil, spare parts, and aircraft stores plus any regular equipment that is on board the aircraft

If you are flying a UAE registered aircraft over Germany, whose Rules of the Air must you obey?


Under the Chicago Convention, which territory does a State consist of?

Its total land areas and up to 25 miles of its surrounding territorial waters (if any)

According to the Chicago Convention, what does it recognize about the sovereignty over airspace?

Every Contracting State has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory

According to ICAO Annex 2, what does it concern itself with?

Rules of the Air

What organisation will take over the responsibilities and role of the JAA?


Which rules govern the entry and departure of international air traffic into and out of a foreign state?


Who has the responsibility to ensure that all aircraft entering a state's airspace obey that state's rules and regulations?

The state which regulates the airspace in which the aircraft is operating

What is the name of the Convention commonly known as 'The Chicago Convention'?

The Convention on International Civil Aviation

What documents, amongst others, are required to be carried in the aircraft on an international flight according to the Chicago Convention?

$Passports$ for crew and passengers, $Certificate$ of Airworthiness (C of A), $Certificate$ of Registration (C of R)

What is the U.K. Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) subdivided into?

$GEN$, ENR and AD

Can a state search a visiting aircraft from another contracting state without permission?

Only if a crime is reasonably suspected

What does ICAO Annex 9 cover?


What does ICAO Annex 12 concern itself with?


What is the basic presumption about VFR flight?

That the flight will be flown in Visual Meteorological Conditions

In uncontrolled airspace, below FL 100, and above 3 000 feet AMSL or 1 000 feet above terrain, what are the VMC minima?

1 000 feet vertical and 1 500 m horizontal separation from cloud with an in-flight visibility of 8 km

An aircraft following a road, railway line, river, canal or other line feature should keep such a feature:

Directly underneath it

With certain exceptions, an aircraft must not fly closer than _______ feet to any person, vessel, vehicle or structure unless it is landing or taking off in accordance with normal aviation practice. Select the correct minimum separation distance.

1 000 feet

When a pilot is flying under simulated Instrument Meteorological Conditions with artificially restricted visibility, which regulation applies?

An appropriately qualified safety pilot must be present in one of the control seats, if necessary, an additional observer may need to be carried to ensure that an adequate lookout is being kept

Which SSR Code should be selected to indicate radio failure?

7600 + Mode C

The definition 'flying machine' may refer to:

Any heavier-than-air, power-driven aircraft

When flying in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules in uncontrolled airspace, responsibility for maintaining VMC and terrain clearance rests with:

The Pilot-in-Command

The definition of night, unless otherwise specified by a national aviation authority is:

From the end of evening civil twilight to the beginning of morning civil twilight

If two aircraft are converging while taxiing on the apron, what is the priority rule?

The aircraft which is farthest from a taxiway centre line shall give way

The navigation lights of a flying machine or airship should cover the following arcs: green and red wingtip-lights ______ degrees each side from dead ahead and a white tail-light ______ degrees either side of dead astern.

110 70

Which of the following most correctly completes the following statement. When two or more aircraft are on final approach:

The aircraft which has the least horizontal distance to run to the runway threshold has the right of way

If you were following a river which flows from east to west while maintaining a track of 270° True, which side of the river must you fly?

Either side of the river as long as you keep a good look out for other aircraft

During a flight, by day, a pilot notices that an anti-collision light is inoperative. Which of the following actions is correct?

He should land as soon as safe to do so unless authorised by ATC to continue the flight

Two aircraft are approaching head on. What should happen?

Both aircraft should turn right regardless of aircraft type

An aircraft is considered to be overtaking another when the faster aircraft is approaching from behind within:

20° of the extended centreline of the aircraft

You see a red and green light of another aircraft straight ahead of you. What must you do?

Immediately climb

You see a red light of another aircraft on your left. What must you do?

Continue to maintain heading and speed, keeping a good watch on the other aircraft; the aircraft is heading in an opposite direction to you

When are navigation lights required to be shown?

From sunset to sunrise or when specified by the Authority

Where must an aircraft's identification plate be located?

In a prominent location anywhere on the outside of the fuselage

Which State is responsible for issuing the registration mark of an aircraft?

The State of Registration

The identity plate must be made of:

Fire-proof metal

Is the State of Registration responsible for the continuing airworthiness of the aircraft?

Yes at all times

Where is the validity of a C of A specified?

In the C of A itself

When an ICAO Contracting State issues an aircraft with a C of A, do other Contracting States have to recognize the C of A as valid?


Information on aircraft placards is for:

Both flight and ground crew

Safety and survival equipment must be:

Easily identifiable

In which document would you normally find the oil pressure limitations for your aircraft?

The Flight Manual or Pilot's Operating Handbook

Which ICAO Annex concerns itself with Airworthiness?

Annex 8

What is the validity of the C of A?

According to the Rules and Regulations of the State of Registry

Which of the following is included in the C of A?

The Maximum Take-Off Mass

What meteorological conditions must prevail in order for a flight to take place in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules?

Clear of cloud and in sight of the surface

What minimum level of air traffic service is provided in a Flight Information Region?

A Flight Information Service and an Alerting Service

Where is a TMA most likely to be found?

At the confluence of airways or controlled routes and in the vicinity of one or more major airports

Which class of airspace provides IFR flights with an Air Traffic Advisory Service and all flights with a Flight Information Service, if requested?


What may be the lowest point of the CTA according to ICAO regulations?

From a specified height above ground or water being not less than 700 feet

You are about to enter an Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) of an airfield at which you have received prior permission to land, immediately upon entering the ATZ you must report your:

Height and position

What is the lowest level of a CTA permitted by international agreement?

Not lower than 700 feet above the surface of the ground or water

What is the Class Airspace in which both VFR and IFR traffic is controlled and in which IFR and SVFR flights are separated from each other and receive information regarding VFR traffic, and in which VFR traffic receives information regarding all other traffic?


What are the lateral dimensions of a Control Zone?

10 nautical miles in the direction from which approaches are made, measured from the centre of the aerodrome or, where more than one aerodrome is covered, 10 nautical miles from the centre of the combined aerodromes in the direction from which approaches are made

A service provided by an Air Traffic Control Unit for all controlled flights arriving at or departing from an aerodrome is called:

An Approach Control Service

If the actual or forecast conditions give the visibility and cloud base as less than specified minimum weather conditions and the distance from cloud is see.

That's not an option.

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