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What are some factors that influence the design options to meet code requirements?

Insurance and Hazard analysis

What is the main concern about bringing the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) or the Local Fire Marshal in early?

Fear of first responders

Which document provides a good description of options for protection, although it is not retroactive?

Addenda 'C'

What is the purpose of a tiered approach to Fire System Addenda?

Better protection

Which type of system is known for being an early warning system, albeit at extra cost?

Air Sampling System

What is the benefit of using Water Mist/Hybrid systems?

Non-chemical and suitable for high leakage areas

What is a risk-based hazard for electrical systems?

Electrical - Deep Seated Fire

What does a system design based on reasonably anticipated events aim to achieve?

Control the fire until an informed party can determine the next course of action.

Why is it important to consider life safety in relation to electrical hazards?

First responders' safety

What was the target year for NFPA publication regarding NFPA 855?


What is NFPA 850 and how is it related to NFPA 855?

Recommend practice or a should code

Why is it mentioned that turning off the hazard does not eliminate it?

Asset protection

What type of hazard classification is applied to fire areas in telecommunication buildings with lead-acid and nickel-cadmium battery systems operating at lower than 50-V ac, 60-V dc nominal?

ordinary hazard

Under what circumstances can fire areas in non-dedicated use buildings containing ESS exceeding certain amounts be treated as an ordinary hazard?

When approved by the AHJ and based on hazardous mitigation analysis and large-scale testing.

What types of outdoor ESS installations can be permitted based on a hazardous mitigation analysis and large-scale testing?

Outdoor ESS installations, ESS installations in open parking garages, rooftops of buildings, and mobile ESS equipment.

How is the total aggregate quantities of energy systems determined when a combination of systems are present?

By summing the percentages of each type divided by the maximum rated energy of each type.

What action is required if the sum of the percentages calculated in determining total aggregate quantities exceeds 100 percent?

The fire area shall be treated as a high hazard classification, or the installation or equipment shall not be permitted.

What section of the document specifies the requirements for large-scale fire and fault condition testing?

Section 4.5

Test your knowledge on the classification of fire areas in telecommunication buildings and non-dedicated use buildings according to NFPA 76 standards, especially when it comes to battery systems and ESS exceeding specified amounts.

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