New-Venture Team and Liability of Newness Quiz

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What is the primary way in which nonemployee members of a start-up's newventure team help the firm?

What is an inside director?

What is the phenomenon referred to as when a high-quality individual agrees to serve on a company’s board of directors?

What is an advisory board?

Why do new ventures turn to consultants for help and advice?

What is the primary purpose of assembling a talented and experienced new-venture team, as mentioned in the text?

What is the significance of a heterogeneous founding team, according to the text?

What does networking involve in the context of launching a new firm?

What is a skills profile, as mentioned in the text?

What personal attributes affect a founder's chances of launching a successful new firm, based on the text?


Test your knowledge about new-venture teams and the liability of newness in entrepreneurial ventures with this quiz. Explore the roles of company founders, key employees, board members, and other professionals in moving a new venture from an idea to a fully functioning firm.

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