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At what age can children walk or run in a straight line and leap off the floor with both feet?

3 years old

What age marks the point when children's balance has improved to the extent that some of them can learn to ride a bicycle?

5 years old

When does full breast development typically finish for girls?

13 to 15 years old

What is the primary cause of the brain growth spurt in prenatal development?

Development of glia cells

When do the majority of neurons form in a person's brain?

By the end of the second trimester of pregnancy

What is synaptic pruning?

The process by which less frequently stimulated neurons lose their synapses

What do we call the concept that children actively participate in their own development through intentional actions and unconscious implications of their nature?

Active Child

Which factor shapes physical development by the interplay between genetic factors and environmental influences?


What are sudden growth spurts or changes in body proportions known as in the context of physical development?

Qualitative changes

During which stage of childhood and adolescence do dramatic shifts or transformations in physical development occur?

Middle childhood

Test your knowledge on neural development, plasticity, and individual variations in children's development. Explore topics such as the uneven or asynchronous process of body system development and the basic unit of the brain and nervous system - neurons.

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