Neural Basis of Binocular Vision and Amblyopia Notes

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What is the clinical diagnosis of amblyopia?

At least a two-line difference between the eyes

What is the critical period for effective treatment of amblyopia?

Around 7 years old

What are two common causes of amblyopia mentioned in the text?

Strabismus and Anisometropia

How do EEG responses differ between amblyopic and control observers?

Amblyopic observers show a significant reduction in response amplitude compared to control observers.

What method was used to measure contrast response functions in the study?

Steady-state visual evoked potentials (SSVEPs)

What is the effect of input disturbance to one eye during development, as observed in the study?

Results in a monocular response that increases with increasing contrast level

Learn about the neural basis of binocular vision and amblyopia in this set of notes covering the main ideas discussed in a study. Understand what amblyopia is, its prevalence, EEG responses, and results comparing amblyopic and control observers.

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