Network Security: Authentication Protocols and Network Configuration

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What is one of the main purposes of implementing port security in a network?

To protect the network from unauthorized access and malicious attacks

How does port security help maintain the privacy of a network?

By reducing the risk of security breaches

What role does port security play in reducing network congestion?

By limiting access to only legitimate devices and traffic

How is the implementation of port security related to identifying network devices?

Identifying devices is the first step in implementing port security

What impact does port security have on bandwidth and resources in a network?

It frees up bandwidth and resources by limiting access to legitimate traffic

Why is monitoring device access important for network administrators implementing port security?

To identify potential performance issues and address them

What is the first step to configure port security violation mode?

Choose the LAN port to configure

Which command is used to set the violation mode in port security configuration?

router(config-if)# switchport port-security violation {protect | restrict | shutdown}

What is a disadvantage of port security mentioned in the text?

Lack of resources for implementation

Which type of ports are sometimes extended beyond their capacity in relation to port security?

TengigabitEthernet ports

What action occurs when a security violation happens in port security with the mode set to 'restrict'?

Allow limited traffic through the port

Why is it difficult to have a cybersecurity system in ports according to the text?

Difficulty in configuring processes for managing specific cybersecurity threats unique to each country

What is the primary objective of port security?

To ensure only authorized devices can access the network

Which of the following is NOT a method used to implement port security?

Domain Name Servers (DNS)

What is a disadvantage of port security?

Limited flexibility for adding new devices

How does port security restrict access to a network?

By only allowing specific devices or MAC addresses to connect

Which authentication protocols are commonly used in port security?


What is the purpose of configuring Access Control Lists (ACLs) in port security?

To control which devices can access the network

What is the purpose of using authentication protocols such as RADIUS and TACACS in a network?

To verify the identity of devices before granting access to the network.

Why are firewalls and VLANs commonly configured in a network environment?

To help protect the network from unauthorized access.

Which action does the 'Restrict' violation mode perform on a port?

Increases the Security Violation counter.

What is the primary function of setting up a monitoring system in a network environment?

To identify unauthorized devices accessing the network.

How does the 'Shutdown' violation mode differ from 'Protect' and 'Restrict'?

It immediately puts the interface in an error-disabled state.

Which statement best describes the role of VLANs in a network setup?

To segment the network and control device access.

Learn about authentication protocols like RADIUS and TACACS used to verify device identity in a network. Explore how firewalls and VLANs are configured to protect the network and segment traffic.

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