Neolithic New Stone Age: Skara Brae Village

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What is the purpose of Pre-Historic architecture mentioned in the text?

Protection from weather and wild animals

Which architectural form consists of vertical columns supporting a horizontal beam?

Post and Lintel

What is the distinctive feature of a Truss in architecture?

Triangular arrangement of members

Which age is associated with the Paleolithic era?

Stone Age

What does a corbel function as in architecture?

A short structural cantilever member projecting from a wall

What is the purpose of a vault in architecture?

To create structural support with multiple arches

What did Paleolithic people use controlled fire for?


Which type of tools were commonly used by Paleolithic people?

Stone and bone tools

In what type of structures did Paleolithic people live?

Caves and rock shelters

What material was used to build huts in the Paleolithic village of Mezhirich?

Woolly mammoth bones

Which characteristic is associated with the Mesolithic Middle Stone Age?

Development of Agriculture

What material was NOT commonly used to build huts in the Mesolithic period?

Metal sheets

What type of dwellings were rock shelters and caves during the Paleolithic era?


Which architectural structure involved using long poles tied together at the top and spread out at the bottom to make an upside-down cone shape?


What material was often used to cover branches in the construction of huts?


Which architectural structure was dome-shaped and made of joined logs or sometimes stone covered with mud or sod?


What type of architectural structure featured a corbelled roof and a cone-shaped roof shelter?


Which type of dwelling had mud walls and a roof made of palm leaves according to the text?


What type of structure is an Iraqi mudhif?


Why are traditional houses of the Batak tribe in Sumatra built off the ground?

For protection from water

What is a menhir?

A single upright stone

What was Stonehenge used for during the Neolithic Age?

Religious ceremonies

What is the Breton word 'menhir' composed of?

'Stone' and 'long'

Which type of structure is a dolmen associated with?

Burial grounds

What materials were primarily used in the Neolithic New Stone Age for the manufacturing of tools and weapons?

Copper and bronze

Which architectural feature was characteristic of structures in Skara Brae?

Corbelled structural system

In the Neolithic New Stone Age, what technique was used to shape stone tools?


What activity was a major shift in lifestyle during the Bronze Age?

Mastering ironworking techniques

Which term refers to a type of burial ground or mound in prehistoric contexts?

Tumuli/ Barrows

What is the significance of the structures in Skara Brae for understanding prehistoric architecture?

They provide insights into early human settlement patterns.

Learn about the Neolithic New Stone Age period, characterized by the shift towards dependence on domesticated plants and animals, use of stone tools, pottery, weaving, huts made of stone and mud, and burial rituals. Explore the impressive Skara Brae village in Scotland as a notable example of Neolithic architecture.

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