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Which of the following best describes the focus of neoclassical writers?

Analyzing moral and sociopolitical issues

What was the significance of 'imitation' for neoclassical writers?

It was based on the concept of human nature by Homer and Virgil

What were the major concepts through which neoclassical writers approached the production of art?

Imitation and Nature

What does the term 'neo' in neoclassicism signify?

Revival or renewal

Why is the Neoclassical Age often referred to as the Age of Reason?

Because of the valuation of restraint in expression and the idea of reason

Study Notes

Neoclassical Writers

  • Focus on reason, intellect, and moral seriousness, with an emphasis on clarity, simplicity, and restraint
  • Imitation of classical Greek and Roman literature, art, and architecture was a key concept, as they believed in learning from the best of the past
  • Major concepts in producing art:
    • Imitation (mimicry of classical models)
    • Nature (observing and portraying the natural world)
    • Taste (developing a sense of refinement and aesthetic judgment)


  • The term 'neo' signifies a revival or rebirth of classical ideals and values
  • The Neoclassical Age is referred to as the Age of Reason because it emphasized the use of reason, intellect, and rationality to understand the world and to create art

Test your knowledge of Neoclassical literary criticism in the 17th and 18th centuries, including the principles of ancient Greek and Roman art, ideas about nature, and the value placed on restraint and reason. Explore the key figures and works of this literary movement.

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