Nelson Mandela's Autobiography and Presidency

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What did Nelson Mandela emphasize in his inauguration speech?

The need for a government free from discrimination

What significant event happened on May 10, 1994, in South Africa?

Nelson Mandela's inauguration as the first black president

According to Nelson Mandela, what does true freedom involve?

Overcoming fear and fulfilling duties towards family, country, and community

What did Mandela envision for the future of South Africa in his inauguration speech?

A nation where all citizens, regardless of race, coexist without oppression

What dual obligations did Mandela highlight in a person's life?

Towards family and the larger community

What did Mandela believe both oppressors and the oppressed were in their ways?


Explore the life journey of Nelson Mandela as a freedom fighter during apartheid in South Africa, and his historic inauguration as the country's first black president. Learn about the oppressive practice of apartheid and Mandela's fight for equality and basic rights.

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