Negative Effects of Human Activity on the Environment

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What is one of the consequences of global warming mentioned in the text?

Extinction of animal species

Which type of pesticide is specifically designed to kill weeds?


How can humans prevent pollution according to the text?

Reduce the production of greenhouse gases

What is a negative effect of humans on land and soil as described in the text?

Introduction of harmful chemicals like pesticides

What is a possible consequence of pests becoming resistant to pesticides?

Pesticides accumulating in organisms

Which substance is used to boost the fertility of soil and increase plant growth?


What is one way to prevent acid rain?

Take sulfur out of fuels before they are burnt

What is a negative effect of acid rain on aquatic organisms?

Acidic environment leading to death

How does the greenhouse effect affect the Earth?

It traps heat on Earth

What is a method to prevent pollution from landfills?

Recycling waste materials

Which human activity contributes to soil pollution?

Using chemical fertilizers and pesticides excessively

What are some adverse effects of pesticides on the environment?

Cause harm to beneficial insects like bees

What is one negative effect of extensive livestock farming like cattle?

Overgrazing leading to soil erosion

How can deforestation contribute to soil deterioration?

Loss of roots holding soil causes erosion

Which of the following is a way to prevent pollution?

Implementing strict waste disposal regulations

What is a key negative effect of pesticides on the environment?

Contaminating water sources

How does extensive livestock farming contribute to pollution?

Produces large amounts of waste that can pollute water sources

In what way does deforestation negatively impact biodiversity?

Leads to loss of habitat and species extinction

Learn about the damaging impacts of human actions on air, land, and water, such as pollution and global warming. Discover methods to prevent pollution and understand how the greenhouse effect contributes to climate change.

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