NCERT Mathematics Class 12 Overview: Relations, Algebra, Calculus, Vectors & Probability

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Define inverse functions and provide an example.

Explain the concept of concave up and concave down functions.

What are the key topics covered in Algebra for Class 12?

How is the Gaussian elimination method used to solve simultaneous linear equations?

Explain the laws related to complex numbers.

Explain the concept of finding derivatives analytically, graphically, and numerically.

What is the significance of conditional probability in probability theory?

How do vectors contribute to three-dimensional geometry?

Explain the concept of antiderivatives in calculus.

How does correlation coefficient play a role in probability theory?


NCERT Mathematics Class 12: A Comprehensive Overview

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is responsible for setting curricula and textbooks for school education in India. In Class 12 math, students delve into advanced concepts that form a foundation for higher studies and careers in science, engineering, economics, business, and more. This article will explore key aspects of your Class 12 NCERT mathematics curriculum covering Relations & Functions, Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Vectors, and Three-Dimensional Geometry.

Relations and Functions

In this section, you'll deepen your understanding of mathematical relationships between sets through the lens of functions, along with their properties like inverse functions, composition of functions, and graphs. Particular emphasis is placed upon one-to-one functions, increasing and decreasing functions, concave up/concave down functions, and asymptotic behavior.


Class 12 builds upon your previous knowledge with matrices, determinants, linear transformations, system of linear equations, complex numbers, quadratic expressions, polynomial expressions, rational expressions, sequences, and series. Students practice solving simultaneous linear equations using Cramer's Rule, Gaussian elimination method, and graphing techniques. Both real and imaginary parts of complex numbers get discussed while expanding upon laws related to them.


This part covers limits, continuity, derivatives, applications of differentiation, integrals, improper integrals, integration techniques, antiderivatives, curve sketching, normal distribution, and definite integral applications. Students learn how to find derivatives analytically, graphically, and numerically, while learning the concept behind infinitesimal changes. They also understand the relationship between rates of change and integrals.


Here, students study theoretical foundations of probability theory including conditional probability, independence of events, Bayes theorem, random variables, discrete probability distributions, continuous probability distributions, moments of distributions, expected value, variance, covariance, regression lines, correlation coefficients, binomial experiments, Poisson process, and Markov chains.

Vectors and Three-Dimensional Geometry

Students work with vector addition, scalar multiplication, dot product, cross products, direction cosines, distance formulae, planes, surfaces, cylinders, cones, spheres, line of reflection, homothety, projections, and coordinate systems. Emphasis lies on visualizing and manipulating geometric objects in two dimensions (2D) and three dimensions (3D), further laying groundwork for solid geometry and related areas in physics and engineering.

These subjects serve as building blocks toward mastery of abstract ideas underlying real-world phenomena such as dynamics, kinematics, thermodynamics, optics, electromagnetism, etc., facilitating student entry into STEM courses in both undergraduate and graduate levels.


Explore a comprehensive overview of the NCERT Class 12 Mathematics curriculum covering key topics like Relations & Functions, Algebra, Calculus, Probability, Vectors, and Three-Dimensional Geometry. Delve into advanced concepts that form a foundation for further studies in science, engineering, economics, business, and more.

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