Nature and Scope of Business Economics Chapter 1 Quiz

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What is the basic objective of all economic activities?

Which of the following is not a type of business mentioned in the text?

What are the inputs referred to in economic activities?

What does business economics incorporate elements of?

Which of the following are the basic economic problems?

What is the meaning and nature of business economics described in the learning outcomes?

What is the main purpose of any economic activity such as production, consumption, distribution, exchange, and inventory accumulation?

What did the term 'Economics' originally mean, based on its Greek origin?

In the context of economic enterprises, what decisions does a production unit have to make?

What is considered as the first modern work of Economics?

What was Economics known as till the 19th century?

What is the primary aim of Non-Profit Organisations (NPOs) according to the text?

What is the original meaning of the term 'Oikonomia' in Greek?

What did Adam Smith's book 'The Wealth of Nations' contribute to Economics?

What type of goods are consumer goods, producer goods, capital goods, private goods, public goods, essential goods, and non-essential goods?

What decisions does a finance enterprise dealing with funds have to make?


Test your knowledge on the meaning and nature of business economics, the scope of business economics, and the incorporation of elements of macroeconomics. This quiz covers topics related to the introduction to business economics.

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