NASA Viking Mission to Mars

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What was the primary objective of the Viking Mission to Mars?

To obtain images and samples of the Martian surface and soil

When did Viking 1 arrive at Mars?

19 June 1976

What did Tilloo's father do through the secret passage?

Went to work

What were the components of the Viking Mission to Mars?

Viking 1 and Viking 2, each with an orbiter and a lander

What did the Viking landers search for on Mars?

Possible signs of life and soil samples

What is Tilloo curious about in the story?

The underground passage

What does Tilloo do when his father is enjoying a siesta?

He follows his father using his security card

What does the metal door do when Tilloo uses his father's security card?

It opens noiselessly

What is the purpose of the invisible mechanical devices mentioned in the text?

To scan and photograph intruders

Why does Tilloo's father mention that the air on the surface is too thin to breathe?

To explain why ordinary people cannot survive on the surface

Why did Tilloo's forefathers live on the surface naturally in the past?

Because the temperature was suitable for survival

What happens when Tilloo tries to go through the metal door to the surface?

He is immediately caught by security staff

Why did Tilloo want to go to the surface?

To see the sun or stars which he had heard and read about

What did Tilloo's father explain about his work on the surface?

He explained that he goes well-equipped in a special suit with oxygen reservoir

What does Tilloo's father mean by 'the very sun, which had provided us with sustenance, turned hostile'?

The sun used to be friendly but now it is dangerous for survival

What motivated Tilloo to try going through the forbidden passage despite being aware of its restrictions?

Curiosity about what lay at the end of that route

This quiz tests your knowledge about the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Viking Mission to Mars, including details about the Viking 1 and Viking 2 spacecraft, their objectives, and arrival at Mars. Test your understanding of this historic mission!

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