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Which type of interrogative is used to inquire about ownership?

What is the function of prepositions 'in', 'on', and 'at' in relation to time?

Which type of phrase consists of a determiner, an adverb, an adjective, and a noun?

What do adverbs primarily provide in a sentence?

In the phrase 'hidden treasure' and 'cooked meals,' what does the 'V3' represent?

What is the purpose of narrative text?

In narrative text, what does the 'complication' part of the generic structure refer to?

Which genre does NOT fall under the genres of Narrative Text mentioned in the text?

How do regular verbs form their past tense according to the text?

What is a characteristic of noun phrases as described in the text?


Test your knowledge on the generic structure of narrative text, including elements like orientation and complication. Learn about how narrative texts are structured to entertain readers with chronological stories.

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