Nanomedicine Advancements and Ethical Concerns

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What is the primary focus of pharmaceutical companies according to the text?

Producing me-too drugs for symptom relief

What is a consequence of pursuing blockbuster drugs for affluent markets, as mentioned in the text?

Redundancy in medication options

How does unaffordable patented drugs contribute to public health concerns according to the text?

Fueling the sale of counterfeit pharmaceuticals

What effect do high markups on patented drugs have on marketing strategies, as per the text?

Fuel aggressive marketing campaigns

In what way does the exploration of biotechnologies 'beyond therapy' differ from traditional medical approaches?

Aims to alter human pursuits beyond medical treatment

Which aspect of human enhancement technologies includes applications like muscle augmentation and mood enhancement?


What is one of the promises of nanoscale surgical techniques enabled by nanotechnology?

Enhanced precision and reduced invasiveness compared to traditional methods

What is a potential ethical concern related to nanomedicine primarily pursued by pharmaceutical companies?

Prioritizing profits over ethical considerations

Which method addresses intrusive memories in PTSD without pharmacological interventions?

Cognitive-behavior therapy

How does increasing specific proteins aid in enhancing long-term memory according to the text?

By boosting long-term memory via long-term potentiation (LTP)

What is the primary goal of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in functional neurosurgery?

To tackle neurological and psychiatric disorders by modulating neural circuits

What is one of the mentioned issues regarding nanotechnology-enabled drug delivery mechanisms?

Potential shortcuts in pharmacological development

What is the purpose of Priority Review Vouchers in the pharmaceutical industry?

To expedite FDA reviews for pharmaceutical innovation

How does the Health Impact Fund provide an incentive for innovation in pharmaceutical companies?

By rewarding companies based on the actual impact of their drugs on global health

What problem does the last mile problem in the distribution of medications primarily lead to?

Limited accessibility to essential medicines

Which aspect of pharmaceutical research does the profit-driven nature often neglect?

Ailments affecting poorer populations

What is the primary impact of modulating thought through deep brain stimulation (DBS) in individuals with OCD symptoms?

Restoring normal responses to stimuli and potentially reinstating desired personalities

How do pharmaceutical patent regulations like TRIPS impact drug prices?

By enabling companies to impose excessively high prices on patented drugs

Explore the current advancements in nanoscale surgical techniques and drug delivery mechanisms enabled by nanotechnology in the field of nanomedicine. Delve into the ethical concerns arising from the pursuit of nanomedicine primarily by pharmaceutical companies.

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