Biomedical Entomology: Insects and Diseases

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What is the study of insects, insect-borne diseases, and other associated problems that affect humans and public health?

What is the study of insects and insect-related problems that affect domestic animals, including livestock and companion animals?

What does the field of Medical-Veterinary Entomology combine?

What other arthropods, besides insects, are traditionally included in the fields of Medical and Veterinary Entomology?

Name one disease that influenced the history of humans due to insect-borne transmission.

What is the 50-year period during which many major discoveries relevant to medical and veterinary entomology occurred?

Who discovered the transmission of Wucheriria bancrofti by Culex pipiens fatigans?

What is a growing health concern recognized by public health officials?

Name one livestock scourge that has influenced animal production and husbandry practice.

What are Hemiptorums?

Who demonstrated the role of mosquitoes as vectors of avian malarial parasites?

What is the principal vector of the yellow fever virus?

Who transmitted, during blood feeding, the trypanosomes that cause African trypanosomiasis?

What is the causative agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever?

Who presented persuasive evidence that Aedes aegypti was the vector for Yellow Fever?

What is the vector of Borrelia recurrentis, the spirochete that causes louseborne (epidemic) relapsing fever?

Who demonstrated the transmission of the agent that causes American trypanosomiasis by conenose bug (Panstroglys megistus)?

Who demonstrated that fleas are vectors of the bacterium that causes plague?

Who led the US Yellow Fever Commission at Havana Cuba?

Who implicated the cattle tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus as a vector for Babesia bigemina?


Learn about the study of insects and insect-borne diseases that affect humans, public health, and domestic animals. Understand the distinctions between bugs, insects, and arthropods in the context of biomedical entomology.

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