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What is the status of an invoice that is still editable but remains unsent?


What is the final, published state of an invoice?


What is the result of a customer's inability to pay?


Study Notes

  • An invoice's status can be one of draft, paid, voided, or uncollectible.
  • Draft invoices are still editable, but remain unsent.
  • Pending invoices are generated when the associated payment intent is in the pending state.
  • Open invoices are the invoice's final, published state.
  • When a customer pays for an invoice through Stripe, the invoice moves into the paid status.
  • Voided invoices are conceptually similar to deleting (canceling) an invoice, but maintain a paper trail.
  • Uncollectible invoices are sometimes the result of a customer's inability to pay.
  • You can mark an invoice as paid, void, or uncollectible.
  • You can delete a draft invoice at any time.

Test your knowledge of Stripe invoices and their statuses with this quiz. Explore the different states of invoices, such as draft, paid, voided, and uncollectible, and understand the actions that can be taken for each status.

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