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What is the meaning of alibi in Latin?

What does a red herring do in a mystery story?

What is the role of a detective in a mystery story?

What does it mean to foreshadow in a story?

Who are three important people who contributed to the mystery genre?

What is the concept of Chekhov’s gun introduced by Anton Chekhov?

What does it mean to deduce?

Foreshadowing hints at what will happen later in the story.

In a mystery story, the crime usually happens after the story begins.

Mood is the atmosphere/emotions surrounding a story.

An unexpected turn of events in the story is called a ______

Anton Chekhov, a Russian writer, introduced the concept of Chekhov’s gun, which is the idea that objects and elements mentioned in a story should always be relevant. Chekhov’s ______ is the human version of this.

A suspect is a person thought to be ______ of a crime.

A mystery is a subgenre of ______ which involves a crime or death to be solved.

To deduce means to arrive to a ______.

Motive means the ______ for doing something.

A detective is someone who ______ crimes and mysteries.

What are three questions readers of mystery stories should ask themselves?

occurs when the expectation of what will happen and the reality of what does happen do not match up.

In your opinion, who or what is the best red herring in the book so far - give examples from the text.


Test your knowledge of the key elements of mystery with this quiz. From the origins of the genre to important contributors, this quiz covers the essentials of mystery fiction. See how well you understand terms like "alibi" and "red herring" in the context of solving crimes.

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