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What is the structure that forms the cell membrane of muscle fibers?


Which type of muscle is both striated and voluntary?

Skeletal muscle

What type of muscle is non-striated and involuntary?

Smooth muscle

Which connective tissue separates the bundles of muscle fibers in skeletal muscle?


What is the shape of skeletal muscle fibers in cross sections?


Which organelle in skeletal muscle is responsible for regulating the concentration of calcium ions within the myofibrils?

Sarcoplasmic reticulum

What is responsible for the red color of Type I (Red) muscle fibers?

Abundant myoglobin

What is the structural and functional unit of the muscle?


Which organelle is formed by the invagination of the sarcolemma and plays an important role in conducting waves of excitation to the myofibrils?


Which type of muscle fiber contracts faster but becomes easily fatigued?

Type IIa (White) fibers

What is the main function of connective tissue in forming tendons and ligaments?

Binding organs together

What is the primary component of ground substance (matrix) in connective tissue?

Proteoglycans and water

Which type of collagen represents 90% of the body's collagen and is found in skin, bone, tendon, and ligaments?

Collagen type I

What is the staining color for collagen fibers that are flexible and have high strength?


Which type of fiber in connective tissue is stained black by silver salts and is referred to as argyrophilic?

Reticular fibers (collagen type III)

What is the function of reticular cells in connective tissue?

Synthesizing collagen type III which form reticular fibers

What is the distinguishing feature of unilocular adipocytes?

Large fat vacuole filling the cytoplasm

What is the main function of free macrophages in connective tissue?

Phagocytic ability and removal of dead cells, tissue debris, or other particulate material

What is the defining characteristic of plasma cells?

Large, ovoid basophilic cytoplasm due to rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER)

What is the function of undifferentiated mesenchymal cells in connective tissue?

Acting as stem cells that can differentiate into other types of connective tissue cells

Test your knowledge about the structural and functional units of muscular tissue, including muscle fibers, sarcolemma, sarcoplasm, and muscle fiber classification into skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle types.

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