Muscular System Functions

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What is the term for muscles that work together to allow the body to move?

Synergist muscles

Which type of muscle contraction involves the muscle shortening due to movement?

Concentric Contraction

In hypertrophy, muscles increase in size due to what?

Undergoing dynamic muscle activity

What happens during Complete Tetanus of a muscle?

Muscle contractions completely fuse into one continuous contraction

What is the function of the primer mover muscle in muscle contractions?

Initiate muscle contraction

What type of muscle is located in the walls of the heart and is responsible for the pumping action?

Cardiac muscle

Which type of muscle is attached to bones and causes movement in the body?

Skeletal muscle

What is the primary function of smooth muscles located in the walls of hollow visceral organs like the stomach and intestines?

Propelling and mixing food

What does the term 'excitability' refer to in skeletal muscles?

Ability to respond to nerve signals

Which type of muscle exhibits a rhythmic self-excitation and is located in the walls of hollow visceral organs like the liver and intestines?

Smooth muscle

Learn about the functions and importance of the muscular system in the human body. Understand how it contributes to movement, body posture, respiration, and organ contraction.

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