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What is the key factor that shapes a country to become a world power, according to the text?

Hard power and soft power amalgamation

Which organization focused on trade issues and contributed to the creation of Trade Blocs in the text?

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)

What country has emerged as an energy superpower due to substantial progress in oil and gas production, as mentioned in the text?


Which region is currently gaining importance due to economic growth led by China, India, and Japan, conflicts in the South China Sea, and American interest?

Indo-Pacific region

What is the significance of both hard power and soft power in shaping a country to become a superpower?

A combination of hard and soft power is essential

Which country is likely to play an important role in the Indo-Pacific region in the future, according to the text?


What is the popular assumption about the State in the context of global civil society and cross-border flows?

The State remains the key actor despite global civil society and cross-border flows.

During the cold war era, how were countries typically classified based on ideology?

As Socialist/Communist or Capitalist/Free Democracies.

Which economic system was typically followed by countries with Socialist ideology?

Socialist economic system.

What characterized the economic system of Western European countries during the cold war era?

Capitalist economic system.

Which term best describes India's economic system during the cold war period?

Mixed Economic System.

How did ideology and economic systems relate in countries during the cold war era?

Ideology influenced the type of economic system adopted.

What term was used by George H. Bush to describe the global situation after the Gulf War?

New World Order

Which country disintegrated in 1991 due to internal problems?

Soviet Union

Who introduced the concept of the 'End of History'?

Francis Fukuyama

Which academician differentiated between hard power and soft power?

Joseph Nye

Which term implies American dominance and leadership in matters of security?

Unipolar world order

What was considered a moral victory by George H. Bush after the Gulf War?

Global support for American action

Test your knowledge on the concept of multipolarity and regionalism in the post-Cold War era. Understand the criteria that shape a country to become a superpower, focusing on both hard power and soft power elements.

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