MQTT Protocol Overview

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What is the main advantage of MQTT in terms of architecture?

Simple and lightweight

Which protocol does MQTT work on top of?


What is the role of a broker in MQTT's publisher-subscriber model?

Ensure security by cross-checking authorizations

Which Quality of Service (QoS) mode in MQTT is the least reliable but fastest?

QoS0 (At most once)

What does QoS1 in MQTT ensure about message delivery?

Delivered at least once

Which QoS mode in MQTT is the most reliable but also the most bandwidth-consuming?

QoS2 (Exactly once)

What is one of the main advantages of MQTT mentioned in the text?

Minimum bandwidth use

Why is MQTT considered a lightweight protocol?

It consumes little processing and memory resources

What issue is addressed by the MQTT-SN variant?

Managing long topic names

In a publish and subscribe system in MQTT, what does it mean when a device is subscribed to a topic?

The device receives messages from the topic

How are topics represented in MQTT?

As strings separated by forward slashes

What does MQTT allow you to do with IoT devices?

Control outputs, read data from sensors, and establish communication between devices

Explore the key features and architecture of the Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol, widely used in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Learn how MQTT supports lightweight pub/sub messaging and efficient communication for battery-powered devices over TCP/IP networks.

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