Money Function and Components in India

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What are the main components of the 'money function' in India?

Money supply and high powered money

What is the primary source of changes in 'high powered money' according to the text?

Money supply in India

What is the alternative term for 'money supply' in India?

Money function

What does 'high powered money' refer to in the context of financial system components?

Meaning and uses source of changes in high powered money

Which of the following best describes the term 'high powered money'?

The currency held by the public and the reserves held by commercial banks

What are the primary source(s) of changes in 'high powered money'?

Central bank operations and monetary policies

In the context of the financial system components, what does 'money function' refer to?

The different uses and meanings of money in an economy

What is the alternative term used for 'money supply' in India?

Monetary base

What is the alternative term for 'money function' in India?

Money creation

What are the main sources of changes in high powered money according to the text?

Monetary policy decisions

What primarily determines the changing relative importance of different components of high powered money?

Monetary policy of the central bank

Which of the following best describes 'high powered money'?

The money supply created by the central bank

Explore the alternative money functions to money supply in India and understand the meaning and changing relative importance of its different components. Delve into the meaning and uses of high powered money, as well as the sources of changes in high powered money within the financial system and among financial intermediaries.

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