Molar Heat of Vaporization and Unique Properties of Water Quiz

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What property of water allows it to dissolve many substances?


Why does ice float on water?

Ice's open structure due to hydrogen bonding

What property of water contributes to its ability to absorb and release heat without much temperature change?

High specific heat

What property of liquids is showcased when wet clothes dry in the sun?


Which property explains the phenomenon of water boiling at 100°C at sea level?

Boiling Point

What occurs when the pressure inside a closed soda bottle increases due to carbon dioxide gas building up?

Vapor Pressure

What property of water is described as the attraction of one kind of molecule to a different kind?


Which property of liquids is directly proportional to intermolecular forces?


What term refers to the measure of elastic force in the surface of a liquid?

Surface Tension

At what temperature does the vapor pressure of a liquid become equal to the external pressure?

Boiling Point

Test your knowledge on the molar heat of vaporization and unique properties of water, including its solvent properties and high specific heat. Explore industrial examples and basic characteristics of water such as colorless, odorless liquid state at room temperature. Get ready to dive into the world of water chemistry!

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