Mohamed Salah's Return and Injury Update

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10 Questions

What is the main reason Mohamed Salah is returning to Liverpool?

When will Egypt face Cape Verde?

What did Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp suggest about Mohamed Salah's injury on Friday?

What did Klopp say about Salah's injury and his reaction to it?

When did Egypt last win the Africa Cup of Nations?

According to Klopp, how frequently does Mohamed Salah miss league games for Liverpool due to injury?

What would prompt Salah's return to the Africa Cup of Nations according to Klopp?

When did Salah make his international debut with Egypt?

What will happen if Egypt wins against Cape Verde?

What are Egypt hopeful about regarding Mohamed Salah's return?


Get the latest update on Mohamed Salah's leg injury at the Africa Cup of Nations. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp gives insight on Salah's rehab while Egypt aims for his return for a potential semi-final.

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