Module 1: Origins and History of Animal Life on Earth

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Which of the following is the fundamental unit of life?


What is the process by which a cell or organism maintains internal constancy or equilibrium?


What type of organisms make their own food by extracting energy and nutrients from non-living sources?


What is the informational molecule of life that cells use to produce proteins?


What is the sum of chemical reactions that takes place in living cells, allowing organisms to acquire and use energy and nutrients to build new structures, repair old ones, and reproduce?


What does the Geologic Time Scale describe?

The timing and relationships between events in Earth's history

During which eon did blue green algae and bacteria exist?

Archaean eon

What does Zoology deal with?

The study of the structure, physiology, behavior, classification and distribution of animals

When did the 6th Mass Extinction occur?

In the Phanerozoic eon

According to the text, where does life exist almost everywhere?

Almost everywhere on planet earth

Explore the evolutionary history and diversity of animal life on Earth, including the geologic time scale and the Precambrian Supereon. Learn about the origins and development of species over the past 500 million years.

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