Module 1: Lesson 1 - Origin and Geography of the Philippines Quiz

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Which event led to the flooding of land bridges connecting Asia and the Philippines?

What geographical feature lies south of the Philippine Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone?

Which island is declared to be a part of the Philippines and administered as a municipality of Palawan?

How does the Philippines contribute to democracy in Asia according to the text?

What is significant about the San Juanico Strait in the Philippines?

According to Christians, how do they believe the land forms in the Philippines were created?

Which theory suggests that the Philippines was part of a prehistoric continent called 'Mu' or 'Lemuria' in the Pacific Ocean?

What do legends or myths aim to do according to the text?

Which explanation suggests that the islands of the Philippines emerged gradually above the ocean due to natural phenomena?

What do some tribes use legends for?


Test your knowledge on the origin and geography of the Philippines, focusing on the physical environment and its natural resources. Explore different explanations for the origin of the Philippine land, including religious beliefs and tribal stories.

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