Module-1 Information Security Devices (IdAM)

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What does an ID card or passport contain to quickly match a person's identity?

Some personal characteristics

Which authentication factor involves a physical property of one's body?

Something the user is

Which term is used to describe the characteristics a computer system assesses to verify a user's identity?

Authentication factors

What is an example of 'Something the user has' authentication factor?

User's fingerprint

What is not a common method used by high-security organizations for identity verification?

Voice recognition

What is the main purpose of Identity and Access Management (IdAM)?

To manage digital identities and associated privileges

In the context of computing, what does 'identity' refer to?

A collection of properties that can be digitally measured and recorded

What are some key tasks associated with Identify and Access Management (IdAM)?

Authenticating and authorizing

Which analogy is used in the text to explain Identity and Access Management (IdAM)?

A bouncer at a nightclub

How is 'identity' different when considered in a computing context?

It refers to specific digitally measurable properties

This quiz covers topics on Information Security Devices, focusing on Identity and Access Management (IdAM). It includes Wired and Wireless Networks, Endpoints, Storage Devices, Infrastructure Devices like Routers and Firewalls, Computer Assets, Servers, Storage Networks, Content management, IDS/IPS, and more.

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