Module 1: Brainstorming Techniques

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What is the primary focus when engaging in brainstorming?

Encouraging unconventional thinking

Which type of graphic organizer is best suited for illustrating the hierarchical relationship between major ideas and their subordinate elements?

Main Idea and Details Chart

What is the purpose of a Cause-and-Effect Diagram in a graphic organizer?

Highlighting direct relationships between events

What is the first step in the process of brainstorming?

Define the problem

Which type of outline focuses on providing a brief overview of the main topics and subtopics?

Topic Outline

What is the main purpose of a Concept Map in organizing ideas?

Providing a general overview of a central idea

What is the key difference between a topic outline and a sentence outline?

The type of headings used

In a sentence outline, what form do the headings take?

Complete sentences

Which module discusses narration and description?

Module 4

What is the primary purpose of a definition according to the text?

To tell what something is

Which pattern of development is commonly used in the sciences, humanities, and business?


What does exemplification aim to achieve?

Explain concepts effectively

Learn about brainstorming, a group technique to generate ideas quickly. Share thoughts in a positive environment, focus on quantity, and encourage unconventional thinking. Discover how to define and implement brainstorming effectively.

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